Specialist in industrial electronics

UNIS Group, founded in 1984, acquired EDMR in July of 2016, with the goal of expanding its full range of services to the United Kingdom. EDMR itself was founded by Malcolm Snell and soon became one of the leading companies in its field. At first, EDMR mainly focused on repairing and testing motors and drives. Since becoming UNIS Group – EDMR, it has become a full-service company that repairs and sells any type or brand of industrial electronics.

Wide range of services

UNIS Group – EDMR offers a wide range of high quality electronic services. We employ a number of expert technicians supported by first-class measurement equipment and many varied test facilities. The extensive range of stock parts enables us to identify and resolve defects in order to expeditiously reduce downtime.

UNIS Group – EDMR repairs and services many disciplines.

  • PLCs
  • Drives
  • Robot electronics
  • Power supplies
  • Servo motors
  • HMI
  • Spindle motors
  • Shunt motors
  • CNC
  • Programmer devices
  • Industrial PCs

UNIS Group – EDMR extends the life of electronics

We don’t only offers service on updated and new electronics. We believe systems in use should be operating as long as possible and offer repair on end-of-life products. Over a period of time electronics become obsolete and spares are no longer available. We provide a professional service to further the life of your equipment by offering a number of repair and replacement solutions. Furthermore, as equipment becomes older it can become unreliable. Preventative maintenance can identify potential failures before they become critical. By doing so, important maintenance can be carried out during planned shutdowns.


Quality is at the core of our service. Established in 1988 it is a commitment to quality that has enabled UNIS Group – EDMR to be a leading specialist in repairs and supplies of industrial electronics. Our ISO procedures are written to cover all repairs and maintain a high quality service level. Comprehensive work instructions are available which enable us to provide a cost effective high quality service. Our certifications are:

  • Quality: ISO 9001
  • Environment: ISO 14001
  • Health and Safety: OHSAS 18001


‘No cure, no pay’

All repairs are carried out on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis. If a defect part isn’t repairable, UNIS Group – EDMR will not charge you with any repair costs.


You will receive up to 2 years warranty on repairs, sales and exchanges.

UNIS Group – EDMR is a single source partner for repair and sales of industrial electronics. For questions or requests, please make sure to contact our sales team. We will offer a cost effective and reliable solution to all your repair or replacement needs.