Repair electronics

Every year UNIS Group – EDMR completes more than 41.000 repairs. Our repair facility is centrally located in Northampton where our repair technicians, with the support of extensive testing and measuring facilities, are able to repair all types and brands of electronics, new and obsolete alike. The electronics are cleaned, repaired and tested in accordance with strict quality standards. Read more about the repair and testing process.

Fixed pricing

On receipt of the goods UNIS Group – EDMR investigates the defect and provides you with a quotation for the repair. We are able to offer fixed pricing for repair and overhauls because we stock hundreds of thousands of different industrial electronics and administer the prices of each item. Therefore you’ll always know the amount to be charged upfront.

‘No cure, no pay’

Repairs are always based on a ‘no cure, no pay’ principle. When a repair isn’t successful, you will not be charged any repair costs. Upfront we will agree upon whether we will return a defect part of dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

Emergency repairs

Are you out of operation due to a faulty motor, drive or defective electronics? When a defect causes downtime and needs emergency repair, UNIS Group – EDMR is able to offer an expedited repair service with a fast turnaround.

On receipt of the faulty electronics our technicians start repairing directly. You can also profit by our exchange service if a substitute part is available in stock. Our extensive range of stock parts enables us in the majority of cases to forward a working part to you right away without the delay of ordering parts from a supplier.

UNIS Group – EDMR provides a 24 hour emergency service (at an extra cost) should you need to organise a repair outside office hours. With a response contract you can also avoid any additional fees that apply for emergency exchange or repairs.

Stock components

To be able to guarantee a fast turnaround it’s important for us to have a fully equipped stock filled with components to be used for repairs. When certain components are not available in stock, the delivery time of the components will prolong the repair lead time.

Additionally, we make sure that there are as many components in stock as possible by taking the following measures:

  • UNIS Group – EDMR uses a fully automated software program that orders new components at a designated supplier as soon as a pre-set number of items left is reached.
  • Our component analysis division continuously investigates new and unknown industrial electronics to be able to replenish the stock with these new modules and components.

UNIS Group – EDMR currently stocks more than 35.000 different components.

Preventative maintenance

When our technicians replace faulty components they also replace time critical components. By doing so we significantly downsize the possibility of a repetitive defect occurring in the nearby future. At the same time it increases the proper functioning of the substitute part.

This manner of preventative maintenance furthers the life of the other components in general and prevents potential failures to become critical.

Therefore UNIS Group – EDMR also offers preventative maintenance as a separate service. This enables you to carry out important maintenance during planned shutdown and preclude operational downtime.

Please contact our sales division to discuss your requirements.

Repair electronics